Long Time No Post? I'm sorry...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ask Vampire Bear is not over, my dear friends. Far from it. I think I needed a little break and honestly I have been a little down owing to a lack of questions over the last few months. I mean I haven't gotten any. I used to get a few questions a week and that was great. Maybe people think this is a joke web site or that I don't really mean to help people.

Pretty sad, right? I mean, I was a little disoriented that day. Good thing I live with friends who helped me properly make mac & cheese. Anyhow... I do have a backlog of questions to answer but I really love logging into my e-mail and seeing new questions there, particularly of the more serious variety. As much fun as it is telling you what I eat for lunch or where I sleep, I really love giving advice that could possibly help you be happier.

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