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    Relationship Problems?

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    This question was a bit on the lengthy side so I am posting it verbatim below my video answer. I summarized it in the video. :)

    Dear Vampire Bear,

    ive had some really awful girlfriends in the past, just crazy and messed with me. so ive told myself i wasnt gonna date again for awhile, just kinda mess around with whatever. ive been seeing this one girl though for a little bit, and i think she sort of likes me a lil, and i guess i do sort of like her, but im not allowing myself to have feelings for her, because i dont want to. she knows i dont want a girlfriend, and recently a guy at her school told her hes liked her for awhile. she told me shes also liked him to, but is confused what to do becuase of me. we talked about it and since im leaving in about 2 weeks for the summer, she decided to hold things off with the other guy until i leave, and that we'll see what happens when i get back. the thing is though, i dont want her seeing this guy while im gone, but i cant say anything cause i told her that i didnt want to be with her like that. and she also sort of has a reputation of promiscuity at parties when she drinks...shes sorta been around you can say, not drastically, but enough. and just kissing mostly. so im also sort of embarresed for my friends to find out that i might like her. so im basically confused about the whole situation.



    posted by Vampire Bear @ 2:08 PM


    At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

    Of course you should never stop eating chocolat!! Who would want to do such a silly thing! ;)

    Oh and a message to Rooster: not all girls are evil. Maybe this girl will turn out to be a very nice and careing girlfriend. You should just give it a try. And remember: what doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger. :D(Sorry for taking over your job on this one Bear).


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